Use a stair lift for straight stairs to enable better mobility

stair lift

Whether the use is commercial or domestic, a stair lift for straight stairs is the best mobility equipment available for the disabled to facilitate comfortable vertical movement. This kind of stair lift is very convenient, safe and easy to install solution for straight staircases.


With more and more models thronging the market, the straight stair lift has become very popular in mobility solutions. A variety of models come with a variety of features and it is absolutely the onus of the customer to choose what he or she needs. They are also available in various budgets and models. Many well known manufacturers like ThyssenKrupp, Savaria, Concord, Bruno, Acess etc. share the market. They have a plethora of models and options to choose from. Many models made by the above manufacturers are also customizable, making the stair lift a very sought after accessory.


With comfort being the main feature of most of these models of stair lift, many of them incorporate a host of features like:


          Easy to use control panels

          Automated sensors

          Speed control

          Seat or safety belt

          Feather touch controls

          Safety key

          Wireless call feature

          Swinging and foldable arms for easier access

          Rack and pinion for smooth movement etc.


A stair lift is designed to move on a rail fixed alongside the staircase. It can also be fixed along a wall and most models of the stair lift are made to be used indoors as well as outdoors. Many models of the stair lift are also battery operated and come with easy to install options. A stair lift for straight staircase is a more economical option compared to models designed for curved staircases and are easier to install and maintain.


Although such a stair lift is easier to install, use and maintain, it is imperative to choose form a manufacturer or dealer that offers good after sales support. Doing a little research regarding the stair lift can be very useful since ascertaining the quality and features of the stair lift is very important to decide whether it is suitable to your needs or not.


A buying decision in regard to a stair lift is an easy one compared to other mobility options available for the disabled. This is because the equipment in question (stair lift) here is easy to use and very useful on straight staircases which easily outnumber the curved staircase installations. Buy your favorite model of the stair lift today and enjoy your vertical movement.