The most important uses of a wheel chair lift


A useful combination of a stair lift and a wheel chair, a wheel chair lift is a very important tool for the disabled to move from one level to another, at home or in office. A wheel chair lift is not a conventional elevator; it is a traditional wheel chair that can lift itself either to access higher ground or to move into a vehicle or a short set of steps.

Using a wheel chair could have numerous reasons but the main reason is mobility for temporary or permanently disabled. A disabled person fears his or her independence the most and hence a wheel chair lift lends credence to the mobility by accessing higher or hitherto not accessible places. Investing in a wheel chair lift makes it easy to be independent.

However, the main purpose of a wheel chair lift has been observed to be for getting in and out of a van or a car. This purpose of a wheel chair lift makes the user feel free about going out without bothering about someone lifting his or her heavy wheelchair into the vehicle.

A wheel chair lift is very convenient because it can lift a wheel chair from one point to another without much of ado. It adds convenience to mobility as a wheel chair is made to move on flat ground. A wheel chair lift in such cases adds vertical movement to a wheelchair making it less strenuous to people around.

A wheel chair lift is made from two technologies, hydraulic and electric. Hydraulic wheel chair lifts are more expensive and harder to maintain but they are more comfortable to use since they use liquid to stop jerks and shocks. In contrast, an electric wheel chair lift works on electricity with a backup battery system, is less expensive and easier to use and maintain.

There are other varieties of the wheel chair lift, like the portable inclined wheel chair lift or the vertical wheel chair lift. Both are used for special purposes and inclined wheel chair lift can go up in an angle or straight up and a vertical wheel chair lift goes straight up to about fourteen feet.

There are various models available with various features. While buying a wheel chair lift it is important that you pay more heed to safety features than the cost of the wheel chair lift.