The Advantages of Using Lift Chairs

lift chairs

Time has come a long way since the inception of lift chairs. Probably, today’s lift chairs are the most evolved of all disabled mobility options that we had in the past or for that matter even today. As a disabled person, if you have a problem standing up from a sitting position, the lift chair is for you. With a variety of lift chairs being available today, you can almost think of yourself as a normal person with a little problem. Many styles of lift chairs such as European styled, lazy boy and slim-sized wing back lit chairs are available today that come with a host of comfortable features.


Features of Lift Chairs


Lift chairs are specially made for the elderly who suffer from mobility problems. Usually these mobility issues are related to back ailments or back disorders. In such a scenario, most lift chairs available today have a singular objective – getting a person form a seated position to a standing position. Any of the lift chairs available today come with various positions called the second position, third position and so on. They are reclining positions and are adjusted as per the needs of the person using them. There are also the infinite position lift chairs that are most suited to take a comfortable nap since they go flat like a comfortable bed. The more the number of positions, the more the price of the lift chairs. More options and more customizations will also push up the prices of lift chairs. Many luxurious lift chairs also come with customized upholstery, massage options and even heating.


Well Known Lift Chair Manufacturers


The most well known manufacturers of lift chairs are Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. Both these manufacturers of lift chairs are well known in the market for a plethora of mobility aids they manufacture for the disabled, however, their specialty are the lift chairs and they are the world leaders in manufacture of lift chairs. Another company, Uplift Technologies is also well known for its discrete wing back lift chairs. The advantage of using these lift chairs is that they are very good for small rooms since they are very slim. Also, it is different from other lift chairs in the market because it does not recline and has the lifting mechanism built into the seat itself.


Whatever variety of lift chairs you choose to buy for yourself, check for the make and the reclining positions on it, since you are the one who is going to use it.