Jazzy Select Power Wheelchair

Jazzy Select Power Wheelchair
How do you safely drive a Jazzy Select power wheelchair?

I’ve just recently found out that I’m going to start having to use a power wheelchair to get around due to worsening Cerebral Palsy and extreme leg fatigue brought on by walking short distances. I was wondering if anyone else that uses a Jazzy Select power wheelchair could give me some tips on how to safely drive it. Thanks a bunch to everyone that answers!

I service wheelchairs, and I am not real sure what you are looking for here. Power chairs are not real hard to control, but you’ll want to make sure you have at least two speed settings- indoor and outdoor.

Set the indoor speeds so the chair is almost sluggish- this allows you to control it gently through doors, etc. Outdoor can be pretty much whatever you can handle- but remember that too much speed is just as dangerous in wheelchairs as it is in other vehicles.

You mike try http://www.wheelchairjunkie.com for a good forum and such.

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