Phil Wood Front

Phil Wood Front
Why do people complain about CEO salaries being too high, then sit in front of the tv and cheer for athletes?

Who make ten times what the average Fortune 500 CEO makes?

According to the AFL/CIO
(this website is DEDICATED to the desparity of wages between the CEO and workers)
“A chief executive officer of a Standard & Poor’s 500 company was paid, on average, $10.4 million in total compensation in 2008, according to preliminary data from The Corporate Library”

According to Sports Illustrated:

Tiger Woods-$111,941,827
Oscar De La Hoya-$55,000,000
Phil Mickelson-$51,256,505
Shaquille O’Neal- $35,000,000
Kobe Bryant- $33,718,750
LeBron James $30,828,089
Kevin Garnett $29,000,000
Derek Jeter $29,000,000
Alex Rodriguez $28,000,000
Dale Earnhardt Jr. $27,111,735

Great question. I guess the answer might fall along the lines of: “But they’re not CEO’s”, at least among the less intelligent. Tiger, Oscar and Phil, in my mind, actually earn their money, as it is prize money and not a guaranteed salary. As for the rest of them, blame their individual sports industries, as they were the ones who started all these mega salaries, just to attract some player that might prove to have potential and the fans, who are willing to pay ever higher prices for tickets, concessions and parking.

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