Save money through wheel chair rental

There are occasions when you might need a wheel chair for a short duration. This can be the case when you are going to have a disabled guest or have been a victim of some accident that has rendered you immobile temporarily. At this stage there are various options – you can go ahead and buy a new one or you can look for a used wheel chair. However, the best option would be to go for wheel chair rental. In Australia and England, wheel chair rental is also called the wheel chair hire. Wheel chair rental can help save money and also serve the short term purpose.


During the tenure of wheel chair rental, the cost of the wheel chair is covered by a small insurance and hence there is no need to worry. As an added advantage, you need not spend on maintenance of the wheel chair and in case of any problems the wheel chair rental company will replace it at no additional cost to you. Normally, the wheel chair rental companies keep the wheel chairs in good working condition and all you would need to do in case of a problem is to call the wheel chair rental company.


Any good wheel chair rental company also gives wheel chair accessories on hire and you can hire whatever you need to for the stipulated time. Arm totes, carrying totes and other accessories are also given on hire or just added to the wheel chair rental as an added extra. If you can negotiate, you can probably get most extra accessories at no extra cost. However, you will need to make sure that the insurance covers everything in the wheel chair rental.


The delivery and pick up is also taken care of by the wheel chair rental company and the hiring options are quite flexible in the sense that you can extend the period of hire with a simple phone call. Wheel chair rental companies provide a variety of models for rental and range from manual, electric with a lot of features. Any wheel chair rental would rent good conditioned wheel chairs with the hope that you would purchase one after the hire period is over.


Actually, when you decide to buy a wheel chair, it is better to opt for a wheel chair rental in order to assess your requirement. You can then decide if you want to buy the powered one or the manual one. This is somewhat like a trial before opting to buy. Whatever the need, temporary or permanent, wheel chair rental will save your precious money.