Porch lift – A mobility option at home



Mobility options for a disabled person are many in today’s world. However, apart from wheelchair, if you are disabled and your home is multi-storied or a duplex apartment, going up and down may be a lot more bothersome. A porch lift is a nice option to have under these circumstances. Porch lifts are highly evolved and mechanical in today’s market. If a disabled person uses a mobility scooter or a wheelchair, it can be driven onto a small reinforced metal platform (a part of the porch lift) and it can be raised slowly. A porch lift works beautifully with stages and the front steps of your home.


Porch lift can be installed anywhere in the home. Make sure that you have a concrete or a hard wood platform before attaching it on a semi-permanent basis. If the height of lifting is more, a porch lift comes with an option of being attached to the staircase itself by its sides. Although this process of attaching a porch lift involves a little bit of assembly, many porch lifts are also available that are portable. Portable porch lifts have not really taken off in the home segment since the design of a home is more or less permanent along with the mobility of the disabled person. However, the portable porch lift has become very popular with organizations like churches and hospitals. Since the access is only temporary in such situations, a portable porch lift works the best for them.


A portable porch lift is very easy to attach and detach and can be moved around as per the need. The only flip side with a portable porch lift is that they can lift lesser weights and to lesser heights. The reason for this is that they cannot be secured to the floor.


Most porch lifts available today are fully assembled, but there are a few models that come in SKD (semi knocked down) condition. They usually work with a power socket (any domestic socket would do) and in case of power cuts or disruptions, they usually have an option of manual override. IT would be good idea to get a porch lift with manual override, not due to power cuts or disruptions but to make sure that the porch lift’s flexibility of use can be anywhere and everywhere.


This will make sure that the porch lift can be used to access almost any part of the home or office. Make sure you buy the right porch lift with the required features so that your vertical movement is smooth and simple.