How to choose the safest vehicle lift?


A vehicle lift is a much needed accessory for many businesses as well as domestic purposes. It is mostly used in the construction industry and is an integral part of vehicle maintenance and repair industry. A vehicle lift in these two industries is known to be used most during the day than any other equipment on premises, making it the most important piece. A buying decision thus made with a vehicle lift in mind should give paramount importance to its safety features rather than the looks. In order to choose the right vehicle lift with care, you will need:

1. Gold: The “ALI Certified” or “Validated by ETL” label is very important and this label indicates that the vehicle lift has been certified after testing to meet the ANSI/ALI ALCTV 1998 standards of safety. The testing in such cases is performed by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) only and no other. Without this certification, a vehicle lift is deemed not to have met the industry safety norms and thus can be a safety hazard.  This certification is for the singular model of the vehicle lift only and not for the vehicle lift manufacturer. This certification again does not imply that if one piece of a particular model is certified, all other pieces of the same model of vehicle lift are certified.

2. Physical Inspection: There is no alternative to physical inspection of the vehicle life. Check if the welds are uniform and thick, the quality of construction, built in safety features, quality of material, air locks, mechanical locks, safety strips, automatic wheel locks, emergency stop options, lockable switches, anti-skid features etc.

3. Manufacturer: Due diligence should be made to ascertain the goodwill and product quality of the manufacturer of the vehicle lift. The experience and lineage of the company in manufacturing such equipment, after sales service offered, testing process and certification standards, warranty options, ISO 9001 certifications etc. These will help you make a more informed decision regarding the vehicle lift you propose to buy.

4. Price: Compared to safety, the price of a vehicle lift is not a major consideration. An inexpensive lift may cost more in the long run due to failures and breakdowns. Although this is a fact, you will need to analyze why a particular vehicle lift costs more than others. More safety features built into a vehicle lift would obviously raise the cost. Also, better quality and better material will take the cost higher but will ensure better performance of the vehicle lift.

Keep the above facts in mind and decide on the right vehicle lift.