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Nokia C6-01 – Powerful Mobile Phone

Are you in search of a mobile phone that is a powerful combination of Social networking, Internet, Photos, Videos, Maps, Music, Symbian 3 OS and more? Then the new Nokia C6-01 is the powerful phone for you.

Yes, the new Nokia C6-01 is indeed a powerful phone that is a combination of Social networking, Internet, Photos, Videos, Maps, Music, Symbian 3 OS and more. This mobile phone features a compact design with 3.2 inch AMOLED Clear Black capacitive touch screen display, with stainless steel covers and now with improved outdoor visibility (vivid colors, pure black). It comes with an 8 MP full-focus camera with dual LED flash. This mobile phone also supports capturing 729 pixel High-definition videos. It comes with an on demand webTV and A-GPS with Maps (Ovi). Oh, did I mention that it also comes with added features in the likes of Qt 4.6.3, Flash Lite 4.0, JAVA MIDP 2.1, and? Bluetooth 3.0.

If you are a big fan of desktop Flash and popular internet video formats, then the Nokia C6-01 is your dream phone. Recently, Nokia released a customizable open source Web TV application template for content providers to easily mobilize their existing Web TV services to be able to deploy their services to Symbian 3 Nokia mobile phones. This will make your mobile TV watching an experiencing that is way beyond heaven.

When it comes to messaging, you will enjoy using the new Nokia C6-01. This is because you will be able to use your email via Mail for Exchange, OMA E-mail Notification v1.0, Nokia Messaging 3.0, and Ovi mail. No longer will you miss an important mail from your family, friends, or even from your employers. This phone is capable of allowing you to check your e-mails even in the absence of a computer. It also supports the following formats or files: Excel, PDF, Word, Zip and Powerpoint. Now, that it truly something that will make you gasp for air.

When it comes to memory, this phone is capable of having a maximum user storage space of up to 340 MB. It also comes with a NAND Memory of 1 gigabyte, an SDRAM memory of 256 MB, with Micro SD memory card type with maximum size of up to 32 gigabytes.

So what else are you waiting for? Go and check out the new, stylish and powerful mobile phone, the Nokia C6-01 now!


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