Series Wheel Chair

Series Wheel Chair
Star trek buffs re the new movie? Captain Christopher Pike doesn’t look like Christopher Pike, does he?

I don’t get it! Chris Pike (played by Jeffrey Hunter) was horribly burned in a plasma fire or something in the original pilot TV series in the 60’s. I think it was called ‘The Menagerie’ that showed him in a wheel chair, unable to do anything but blink yes or no. Then he pops up again in the new movie, now played by Bruce Greenwood… supposedly set before his accident, but he looks 25 years older than Jeffrey Hunter. How can that be?

Don’t you think it’s all a bit daft getting an older bloke to play Pike? Have we been conned? I know it’s only TV / movies… but…

I love Trek by the way.

The new movie is set in an alternative universe…so, basically, things are a little different in general.

Events, such as those that led to the original christopher pike’s accident might not have happened on schedule, or even happened at all, after the events caused by Nero’s appearance took place.

In the episode, the menagerie (also known as the cage when it was to be used as a pilot episode), Pike was a lot younger. Spock was just beginning his starfleet career. But, later when Pike is shown with Kirk in the two part episode, he is too disfigured to show his true age.

Anyway, I think the actors look pretty close to each other for the most part.

Hope this helps! Live Long and Prosper \//_