Power Recliner Chair

Power Recliner Chair
My daughter thinks my disciplining is funny… is this common?

My daughter is almost 2 (she will be 2 in May) and she is very deviant in my opinion. ie- We just bought a new recliner and Ava loves standing on it. I have taken her off, looked her in the eye, and told her firmly that standing on the chairs is not appropriate and very dangerous. She continues to do it and laughs when I take her off and firmly tell her no. She does it over and over again and laughs when I raise my voice. I did the same thing when she was running behind the tv and turning off the power bar. Things like this make me nervous because it is so dangerous yet she thinks its funny when I am firmly telling her NO and that the behaviour is NOT acceptable. What am I doing wrong?
Yes Trish, she sure is a Taurus! Her b-day is May 6th

Believe me, it is not anything that you are doing wrong – life is nothing but fun for her at the moment and you telling her not to do something is just as much fun. My son did the same to me for a while but thankfully it didn’t last for very long, it was just a stage that he went through.

I was told to look at giving my son time out (he is 2 on 22nd April) and I thought that there was no way that it would be successful as he is very strong willed, but guess what ? It actually worked. I put him in his room and after a minute of him crying I go in there, sit him on his bed (facing me), tell him why he is in there, we kiss, I ask him if we are Friends, he says no to everything and then he doesn’t do it again.

I was not sure if he was able to understand the concept of 1-2-3 in your bedroom, and I have only done it to him around half a dozen times and the other day I said to him “Omy, what happens when I ask you to do something and you say no?” and his reply was “1-2-3- bed”. I nearly fell off my chair. We think at this age that they don’t understand what we are telling them but they understand more than we think.

Be consistent and stick with it. Other options are taking away toys (but this NEVER worked for my son). You just need to find what works and go with it.

It sounds like we have very similar children. Is your daughter a Taurus ?

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