Photo Postcard

Photo Postcard
how would i sell a scenery photo?

recently i took a really good scenery photo and everyone who has seen it thinks a pro did it. i am in fact not a pro and i dont usually take pictures. it was just a good shot. if i want to sell the photo to a magazine or postcard company, what steps would i need to take?

First of all, why would a magazine want your photo? Is it a shot of flowers for a garden magazine? Is is a snowscape for a snowboarding magazine? A nature trail for a local state park magazine?

To sell a photo, you need a very specific audience to advertise it to. You need to be able to say, “you need this photo because…”

Second, just because your friends think it looks pro doesn’t mean its pro. Look through Y!A for 3 minutes and you’ll find some awful photo of a persons converse sneakers and half the answers to the question will be, “OMG it looks pro!”

Spend a few minutes – hours – days – looking through the magazine(s) you’ve selected to contact. Look at the photos in there. Does yours compare? Is yours different enough that it stands out? If you think so, then look in the magazine or on its website for their contact info – a lot of places will have address you can submit to. If not, shoot them an email, or send a letter. But don’t get your hopes up – they probably get these all the time.

You could also link to the photo here, and get some actual professionals to tell you if it looks pro or not.

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