Line Electric Lift

Line Electric Lift
HOW do you light a pilot of a new style oven?

I have a 2yr old Maytag stove. I am used to an electric start and hearing a click to start up. The top burners i turn on and they just go on now. We were able to lift the top of stove to light pilots for the top burners. We cannot figure out where to light the oven pilot. There must be a spot. We have looked on line, i do not have a Model number. I have looked everywhere. I asked at a huge hardware store, and they said they are all like this. Just turn on and wait and a fuse turns it on. I have turned on the oven, and left on and nothing. I dont smell gas Anybody have a clue?
i look everywhere for MODEL # CAN NOT find it. inside edge, back EVERYWHERE i have looked. I would LOVE to do this, but CANNOT FIND model number
2 years old and newer models have electric starters that ignite …it wont ignite, and i dont know where it is. I got the top to light, but the oven itself, i dont see a pilot

If the oven doesn’t lite electrically then there might be a petcock to turn on the gas flow under the top that you raised before. This petcock would require a 1/4 turn. It would be located at he front behind the front panel that holds the dials and sometimes it would be on the back of the oven valve. There would be a small metal tube attached to it. The pilot light is always at the back of the oven base and at the end of the gas jet manifold.

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