Bearing Phil Wood Phil

Bearing Phil Wood Phil
Hey Papa Bear: Did you have your antenna adjusted properly for the Bay Hill Tourney. Or were you in the John?

They showed the replay twice of Tiger throwing his club and if you follow golf closely you would know it was not the first time. I know that everyone gets frustrated now and then but when someone like John Daly does it we see it on all the sports highlights at 5pm. But Tigers tactless temper is conveniently omitted so fans like you can live in Tiger wood bliss. Oh, look at that. Phil just out shot Woods again on 9. Or were you in the john again?

Only an idiot like you couldn’t apreciate what Tiger’s done for the game,you call yourself a true golf fan yet you preach lies and nasty rumours about Tiger on here alot,Ive scrolled down and everyime you ask or answer youre slagging him off and saying he only wins from intimidation.
Tiger has won 14 majors from being absolutely world class and having all the shots,he does tons of work for charity’s and is loved by many fans.
He’s won tournament after tournament to prove he’s amazing and it’s not because he intimidates people or any other stupid thing you can think of it’s because he’s simply BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE and is an AMAZING GOLF PLAYER he’s increased is human,it’s the game of golf’s popularity loads and getting annoyed with himself just means he all self directed so stop talking crap.

Phil Wood