Series Wheelchair

Series Wheelchair
wheelchair question pls help?

hey im disabled and i liv in the UK i was just wondering? which wheelchairs faster? The Quickie P 222 SE or this chair glide 7 Series if both chairs ended up in a race? which ones faster this is for the people that know about wheelchairs? thanks .

I found the specs. on the Quickie P-222 SE Power Wheelchair

8.5 mph/ 350 lb. weight capacity

From this Google Search [Quickie P222 SE wheelchair data]

For the [chair glide 7 Series wheelchair data]

Found the specs, but no speed available:

The only speed listed was for the;
Quickie P-222 SE Power Wheelchair at 8.5 mph

You might find out the speed for the chair glide 7 Series
by contacting them:
Here is their contact Link:

My plans for an out door wheel chair will include a gas engine
and four wheel drive.
I will probably kill myself on it.

Hope this was of some help.

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