Series Ford Lift

Series Ford Lift
2002 for taurus mis/non firing?

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus that is running very rough.

It appears that one cylinder is not firing. I am getting a spark on cylinder 5 but no spark for cylinder 1… as I understand the coil pack module to be configured, there are 3 primary coils each energizing it’s own secondary coil. Each secondary fires two cylinders (spark plugs in series) simultaneously resulting in one wsted spark.
Cylinders 1 and 5 are a pair and one “shouldn’t” fire without the other as they are in series via the two plugs.

I may be cheating in checking for a spark as I am slightly lifting the boot on the coil pack. There is a very strong arc on all but there is none seen on cyl 1. I have swapped ignition wires and spark plugs which did not help. REsistance appears to fine on all coils.

Before I purchase a new coil pack are there any suggestions?.

coil packs are VERY common, you should also change the wires and spark plugs because they may have caused the coil to go bad

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