Power Wheelchair Battery

Power Wheelchair Battery
Where can I donate power wheelchairs?

I have two power wheelchairs that need batteries. I’ve tried Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the Veterens Administration Hospital. Nobody wants them. I hate the idea of them going into the trash, these chairs cost $5000 each new and I know there are people out there that could use them!

Anyone know of a Southern California organization that would be able to match these up with people that need them?

You can contact local nursing homes, local churches and ANY elderly organization because they may know those who have a need.

When my grandfather passed away we donated some of his medical stuff to the nursing home. We donated some other stuff to the local Catholic Church. We donate to them a lot just because it is a poor county and they get a lot of people in need.

I am not sure about Hospice but they may know people as well or you can ask them about what organizations would take it.

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