Electric Scooter Battery

Electric Scooter Battery
i have a currie 350 watt electric scooter and i would like to install another battery for longer range. HOW?!?

how would i do the wiring and what would i hook up to what.

it currently runs on 2 12v 10ah batteries.

or would it be better to buy different batteries?

If the two 12 volt batteries are connected in parallel, then you can just add another 12 volt 10 Ah battery in parallel with them.

If, however, the two 12 volt batteries are in series (to produce 24 volts), you would need to put in TWO more 12 volt 10 Ah batteries in a series/parallel arrangement (IOW, to duplicate exactly what you have (two batteries in series, and those two in parallel with the original two batteries).

Now, if you do that, there are at least two things to be aware of:

1) Your charger might not have adequate capacity to charge twice the load the batteries will impose on it when they are all nearly dead.

2) Your scooter will have a lot more power available – more than the electric motor may be designed for, and that can cause it to overheat and burn out if you take advantage of that extra power a lot without letting the motor cool off. For short bursts, climing steep hills, it should be okay, but just watch for overheating.

Also, make sure any extra battery(ies) you install are securely fastened down – it would not be good to hit a bump and start dragging batteries and shorting out electrical wiring (you can’t turn off a battery, you have to pull the connection, and if the wiring is glowing like a toaster, that could be tricky!)

Have fun and good luck!

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