Bicycle Wheelchair

Bicycle Wheelchair
How do I get a flat stomach while in a wheelchair?

I keep reading about cardio exercises and how that’ll help get a flat stomach. But those don’t seem to apply to people with wheelchairs. I can’t get on a treadmill or a bicycle and I can’t “step up.” I am paralyzed from the waist down completely. What do I do instead?

1. People in wheelchairs need a slightly different diet. It is really easy to pack on more calories than you need if you eat ‘normal’ diets. A dietician or nutritionist with experience in this area can help.

2. Any exercise is better than nothing. Pushups, small barbells, chin ups, swimming, pushing the chair uphill, etc. Look for the harder way to do things. Get your heartrate up for several minutes in a row several times a week- the more the better.

For some interesting workout ideas, search for ‘Kettleballs”, “Shovelglove”, and so on. Each of these will probably take you to other helpful links- like the water tube and more. You can also make a great home gym from bungee cord and other stuff laying around.

3. ‘Flat stomachs’ are partially a scam. The stomach of a healthy, fit, normal person is generally not flat, but we have become convinced that the stomachs of fitness models is the ‘norm’, when it is really a little bit of a freak of genetics. A ‘6 pack’ is even less likely for most of us- we just don’t have the genes.

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