Technologies Chair

Technologies Chair
If we’ve had remotes for 50 years, why do we need a cord to connect an iPad to a TV?

Couldn’t they use the same type of technology so that the iPad could be used like a remote? That way we could actually use the iPad while sitting in a chair instead of hovering in front of the TV to change the content (in other words, walking up to the TV to change the channel).

The iPad doesn’t have an infra red module to talk to the tv. You can buy it extra and then there is an app for that to be a remote control for your tv.

But some new tv sets use radio frequency for the remote control and it won’t work that way.

Direct TV satellite receivers hooked up to your home network can be remote controlled by wifi with an app at home and you can set recordings from your iPad anywhere.

AppleTV is a little box you can hook up to your tv and your wifi and play anything off your iPad by wifi as well as control other services by apple tv

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Preview : Lars Erik Holmquist, Emerging Technologies Chair