Ski Lift Photo

Ski Lift Photo
I want to buy a ski resort season pass. Help! 10 POINTS!!?

So I’m basically thinking about getting a season pass, but can’t spend that much, so I’m gonna hav my brother get it at the kids price. But I will actually be the one always using it. Can I just hav the pass in my pocket each time? Will this work? I’ve only been to 2 mountains, and one doesn’t check(snow valley, CA) and MOUNTAIN HIGH, CA, which I have always had my pass inside my zippered, back-pocket. And I simply slide right through to the lift without a problem, is this the same with a season pass?
I haven’t gotten a season pass before and I just know they take a photo Id. So will my plan work? Just having it hidden in my back pocket?
10 points to best.

Its called poaching and they will take your pass if they catch on to you. If you dont want to waste alot of money on a season pass, some resorts have programs where you pay 2 times and get the third visit free, or they have programs for college students. Poaching is risky, but if you can get away with it, then so be it.

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