Pride Scooter

Pride Scooter
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I live in the UK and own a Pride 4 wheel Scooter, that runs 8 miles an hour. I am looking for a charger to charge the batteries in the United States with 110 voltage.
I have just got back from Los Angeles and was disappointed that I couldn’t use the scooter over there as the batteries would not charge, I tried two transformers and a voltage converter and nothing happened. Obviously, it was very distressing not be able to get around, and therefore I came back early..I am thinking about spending some time in the United States and obviously I need to get right type of charger. If you know how much they are to buy please tell me, and maybe also advise where I might be able to obtain this piece of kit in the UK, or any alternative suggestions you might have, as you can imagine, I had a very frustrating time.
There’s no point in me hiring a scooter in the USA as its for long term use and the deposit one has to put down is crippling, just in case you were wondering why I didn’t hire one!

y dont you try ebay i am sure you wont be disappointed

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