Power Wheelchair Chair

Power Wheelchair Chair
anyone every traveled with a power wheelchair on a cruise ship?

My father wants to bring his power chair on his cruise. he has some doubts about getting around the ship…..anyone had any experience with this obstacle?

I have never been in or taken someone that needed an electric wheelchair, however, I’ve seen many passengers use these over my years cruising. Fortunately, a lot of people that are in a situation where they need a power wheelchair have been kind enough to write reviews of ships and give information on traveling with wheelchairs, which can be really useful in planning.

I’m including a few links for you to look over. The one is just on cruising with a disability and the other is a message board. You can look around and probably find the answers to a lot of your questions. I recommend posting questions on their message boards, they are very friendly at Cruise Critic and especially helpful. They will be more than happy to help you with your planning and give you any information you may need.

When you are looking into ships, be sure to look for newer ships. Most ships that are at least 10 years old and even some that aren’t quite that old, aren’t quite as easy to get around in as some of the newer ships, especially when it comes to hallways and things like that. I know of one gentleman than basically has made it his job to go on cruise ships and review them and how they are with wheelchairs, being constrained to a wheelchair himself. I know he has said that on some of the older ships there is barely room for him to get down the halls, and if someone else is coming they have to get out of the hallway and let him pass before they can get through. I believe one time he had to back out of a hallway when he was not able to get to where he was going and couldn’t turn around, so a newer ship should really help with this. And the links have info on some of the best cruise lines when it comes to traveling with a disability.

My biggest suggestion is to avoid ports that will require a tender. This is when you aren’t able to dock right at the port, but rather you put your anchor down in the middle of the water and take boats to land. It difficult enough getting onto a tender boat when you aren’t in a wheelchair, but if you are it can be even worse and in many cases wheelchairs are not able to get off at tender ports. So be sure to look into this before you plan your trip.

Hope this helps, good luck with your planning!

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