Grand Wheelchair Van

Grand Wheelchair Van
Best car to be converted for two wheelchairs?

My twin sister and I (diagnosed with FOP) are in manual wheelchairs, and we are researching for the best car to be converted into a wheelchair access car, here in Australia.

The specs:
Two manual wheelchairs
Ramp access from the rear, no hoist/lifts
SAFETY is the first important notion – the vehicle has to be problem free.

Our mum currently owns a Chrysler Grand Voyager, 2006-2008 model, before we became wheelchair bound. The car conversion company she’s talked to said that it’s too short for two wheelchairs, and suggested a Kia Carnival, but others said that it has engine problems so it’s been crossed off the list. We looked at the 2009 Chrysler Grand Voyager but don’t know if it’s too short for two wheelchairs.

Any recommendations? What cars have other people used or seen that was converted for two wheelchairs? We would like the car to look more ‘flashy’, like the Chrysler, instead of a ‘bus’ or delivery van like a Renault Kangaroo.

any mini van can b converted to hold 2 wheelchairs… as fo rthe ppl saying that it wont work they r going of the electric wheelchair specifications….any mini van type vehicle will work jsut will have to modify it to have space for the ramp and or install a winch to aid getting the chairs loaded

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