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Ford Wheelchair
Bad things (from real life) that helped create a great scene?

What are somethings that real life events helped make a movie scene or part, famous.

I know of a few:

Empire Strikes Back (star wars EP 5): The Wompa was not originally part of the script, but several days before shooting was to begin, Mark Hammil was in a car accident and despite surgery, it was not back to normal in time for shooting. The Wompa scenes were added in to explain his face.

Return of the Jedi (Ep 6): When Han falls out of the carbonite freeze in Jaba’s Palace, he actaully tumbles from a wheelchair he had been bound to due to Polio.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: In the market scene where Indy faces a long sworded warrior, he orignally was supposed to grab a sword and fight that way. However the cast was suffering from waterbone at the time, so Ford decided a easy shot with the pistol was better.

I believe that the Joker was supposed to be in more of the movie, The Dark Knight. But since he died, it had to end with Two Face.

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