Braun Wheelchair

Braun Wheelchair
Do you have bad neighbours? if so how bad are they?

Ok my neigbours are insane, the father, ricky, is over 250 pounds and gets around in a customized wheelchair, he constantly barks like a dog and defecates on my lawn, and yells eat that Sh!t boy really insanely. His wife is oddly attractive and reminds me of eva braun. My father got back at ricky and pooped on his lawn, that set ricky off and ricky literaly came out of the house throwing cats at us, he and his wife have about 3 cats. They have 4 cars, all of them smoke terribly and we get constant fumes in the house, it smells like someone is barbequing cars.
He sometimes in his wheelchair speeds around the neighbourhood naked with his penis hanging out, kids run away from him when hes doing that. He also likes exploding things in his backyard.
He did spend most of his life fighting in viet namm.

You are a sad, disgusting troll.

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