24v Power Charger

24v Power Charger
How do I rig my 12v SureFire HellFighter to work on my MRAP’s 24v system? ?

I’m in Iraq, we drive a MRAP that has a 24v system, I have a SureFire HellFighter gunner’s spotlight that we use, it normally plus into a cigarette lighter down below but comes loose VERY often and the cord gets wrapped around the gunner.. it’s just not ideal. We have a powered turret that quick connects to a battery. When we disconnect the power/charger cord that runs from the battery, the turret works and holds a charge for a very long time. What I want is to rig a new, shorter cable from the power cord that’s already up there, to my SureFire. Problem is the light is 12v and the MRAP is a 24v system, so how do I make a cable that steps down the voltage in-line?

I’ll check this when I can and I’d really like some help, I know lots of our vehicles would benefit from a cable like this if we could make such a thing.

You can either replace the bulb in the spotlight with a 24v one or use a resistor to cut the voltage.

The M871A2 trailers use a pair of 90 Watt resistors to drop the voltage to 12 volts for the clearance light system, your maintenance section should be able to wire them or something similar to work in the turret.

The resistors get hot during operation so they will need to have a shield over them to prevent some one from getting burned.

Have your mechanics look in TM9-2330-386-14&P. In the repair parts section, figure 7 item 2. Wire the resistors in series in the circuit and they should work.

The manual can be found in their ETM’s trailers disc.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.

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