Power Wheel Scooter

Power Wheel Scooter
Scooter Motorbike engine/transmission problem?

Hi, I have a problem with a twist and go 50cc scooter. The symptoms are when engine is idling the back wheel spins slowish. If you stop it with your hand or the brake it causes juddering as the engine tries to turn it. Then when you get on it and start accelerating it feels like the bike struggles to get up to about 10mph then power seems to return and it goes up to full speed fine.

The problem started after someone ran the bike at full throttle with the brakes held on for a minutes or two. I know very little about these things but wonder if it has damaged the variator or automatic clutch.

The bike is a Peugeot Vivacity.

I have no cash to have someone look at it so any help or advice would be great.

There is no way to diagnose this with the information you have provided…it needs to be viewed in person by a mechanic as it could be anything you described from your actions or something else.

No cash – then time to dust off that pushbike, motorcycles and scooters are an expensive hobby that you really need a income to maintain one.

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