Ford Van Wheel Lift

Ford Van Wheel Lift
what are the possible engine swaps for a 1978 Ford E-250?

Hi, about a month ago I got a 1978 Ford E-250 Quigley Van (Quigley takes vans and makes them four wheel drive)
anyways, my van has a 5 inch lift and 33 inch tires, Dana 44 front axle, and a Dana 60 rear axle.
The van came with a 460ci big block.
I’m just curious to know what other engines could go in my van. I heard that a 429 would bolt up? please help, thanks 🙂

yes the 429 would bolt up because it is the same block but different cylinder displacement.depends on which 429 you wish to use,because you may have to change motor mounts.i hope this information will help.

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