Bus Chair Lift

Bus Chair Lift
wheelchairs/busses (without lifts)?

I am going back and forth with an event organizor. I want to go on a bus trip-I will need to bring a folding electric wheelchair that weighs betweeen 75-100 pounds–It turns out in the last week-they haven’t even called the bus company to ask if they are able to do this-

they just said they don’t think its a good idea as the drivers tend to be old and wouldn’t be able to help lift (with my friend)

Don’t they lift heavy suitcases?


i do not know what the bus company is (I just emailed to ask) so I can’t contact them directly.

does anyone have any experience getting a motorized chair on a chartered bus in teh storage area underneath…

Is the opening tall enough to roll the chair up a ramp?
I did get the contatc info-and it shoudln’t be a problem—doesn’t explain why the trip organizer said it woudl be with even contacting the bus company

In the US a public bus company is required by the ADA to provide access to their services to anyone with a disability. The company can either use an accessible bus, or provide an additional transportation vehicle that is accessible.

I put my scooter in the luggage section of a bus. My son actually puts it in, but a bus driver can do it also if thy have been pre-notified so an appropriate driver has been assigned.

1985 Chevrolet Bluebird mini-bird with wheel chair lift(1358)