4a Smart

4a Smart
Are these good grades?

ok well im in year 9 at state school and i feel i get rubbish grades cause im in set 2 of 3 and all my friends are in set 1 and i get simular grades as them and they say im smart but i think not so yea what do you think,
Art (set 2)- 7c
DT( set 3)- 6a
Drama(set 2)- 6b
English(set 2)- 6b
Geography(set 2)- 6a
History(set 2)- 6b
IT(set 1)- 7a/8c
Maths(set 2)- 6a/7c
MFL(set 2)- 4a
Music(set 2)- 6a
PE(no sets)- 5a
RE(set 2)- 6b
Science(set 1)- 6a/7c

btw my school isnt very good and im at the top of all these classes

no they’re not bad at all. Obviously sum are better than others but over all i think your doing really good. xx

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