10 Wood

10 Wood
Obituary for William Donovan Wood,lived in Pelzer SC,died on 7/10/1995?

I am desperately trying to find an obituary online for a William Donovan Wood,who lived in Pelzer SC,and died on 7/10/1995.He was a close friend of mine when I was a kid. My dad didn’t take me to his memorial service so I also am unsure as to where he rests.

Please help me.

Gray Mortuary (local advertiser)
(864) 947-6201 | 52 Main St Pelzer, SC 29669

the above seems to be the main funeral home in Pelzer, thus if you start by contacting them and they can’t help you, ask if they can refer you to another business in the town/ area.
1995 is 12 yrs ago, and I would not assume something from then to be online (random chance of it being).
the county genweb page is another option to work. I see the have many cemetery listings, but that does not guarantee they are all inclusive.

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