Power Wheelchair Tires

Power Wheelchair Tires
How am I going to be able to move around a college campus?

I am a 14 year old girl with mild cerebral palsy. I walk on my own around the house but use one crutch at school and pretty much everywhere outside of the house. I get tired VERY easily and cannot stand/walk for long periods of time because my legs and feet hurt. I have a few more years until college but I’m getting worried. There is no way I’m going to be able to walk around a huge college. I can’t use a manual wheelchair because my arms get tired just as fast as my legs. My mom thinks I should just go to a small college and walk with my crutch, but I’m thinking “How small is small and will it be small enough to save the little stamina I have?” A power wheelchair would be a dream come true, but there’s no way that insurance would cover it for someone who can walk on their own like me. Any suggestions?

P.S: I need something not too expensive-my family is middle class and we can’t afford an expensive powerchair or something else.

One of my friends in college had severe CP. He was a full time student at my university, and he went to class, he lived in the dorms, he went to dances and club meetings.

Another friend had mild CP. He could walk with a cane, but not for long distances. He also was a full time student and had a social life on campus.

My campus was NOT small. 25,000 students on a campus that was fairly spread out.

The cool thing about most universities is that they will bend over backwards to accommodate you. You will need to tell them what help you need, and they will do their very best to provide it.

My friend lived in a dorm that had been adapted to house students who needed assistance, as well as people who did not. It was the closest dorm to campus, and was right on the campus bus route. The school had a van that also picked kids up at their dorms, and dropped them off at their classes, etc. All the buildings were accessible.

I think that you should look at any college that interests you, not thinking about your CP. As you find colleges you think you’ll like, you should call their admissions office and find out what will be available to you on that campus. It may be as simple as making sure that you live in a dorm with an elevator, which is near to your classroom buildings, and giving you the schedule for the bus route. They may also offer shuttle busses and vans, direct door-to-door service, as my school did.

All sorts of assistance may be available to you. I think it would be bad to limit your choice of colleges right from the start to only those you can walk around independently. Put some of those in the mix, of course, but also consider other schools that seem harder to get around. You may be surprised at what assistance the school can give to you.

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