Power Wheel

Power Wheel
Thinking about getting my kids a power wheel car, do/did your kids have one?

Are the cars worth the money?

We have one – it is a John Deere Gator. We live on a farm with some rough terrain and lots of hills around. The Gator goes better on this terrain than the cars and such – so I was glad I spent the extra money and got it.

EDIT Our battery lasts for weeks. They used it last summer and are already starting to use it again.
We don’t have a place where kids can ride a bike until they get big enough to ride in gravels.

I like it – I don’t see any problem with it making my children lazy. Quite often they will drive it down to my SIL’s and then I don’t have to push a stroller or pull a wagon!

Ages 2 and 3

100 yard power wheel challenge