Joystick Power

Joystick Power
The mouse with a “mind of its’ own” – any help with this daft invention ?

Hi folks,

For some months, & just for fun, I have put together an optical computer mose with the motorised guts from an old “force feedback” joystick.

Usng the usual power from a USB port, and careful tinkering with the mouse driver code, it can move itself forwards & backwards, sideways, reversing directions.

It is a gimmick, I know, but fudamental questions occur. viz :

How do I get it to only do its’ tricks when a computer dissapears into standby mode ?

Why does it sometimes decide to reverse off the table and dangle my the connection ?

Would it ever sell as a fun gizmo, given a reduction in size and a sensible retail price ?

It is not yet patented, but it would take someone ages to copy the notion & beat me to the market

My local computer shop bloke says he would gladly stock them, so he must see a market for something so daft.

Any notions ?


Someone will buy it. I’ve lost count of the gadgets I’ve put away in a drawer when the novelty has worn off.

Now it’s been on the internet you had better get your patent filed soon if you’re serious.

You could put a timer circuit in it that is re-set every time the mouse is used and makes it passive for, say, twenty minutes.
You can probably find one in a wire-free burglar alarm motion detector.

Pity it’s too late for this Christmas, I’ll look out for it next year.
Good luck.

Proaim Sr.Pan Tilt Head Motorized Power Head with Joystick Unit