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Position Lift
Can I lose my position or forced to not work pregnant at wal-mart?

I am pregnant with my first baby. I am in a supervisor position at walmart. Can I lose my position after I take maternity leave? Also, recently if people have doctors notes saying the can’t lift certain amounts for a while or can’t perform their normal duties they have been sending them home until the doctor releases them. I have high blood pressure and things may not go so well in my third trimester. Can they force me into leave of absence if I must go on “light duty”?

They have to give you a position back… but are not required to give you the exact job back that you had before.

That they are sending people home that have Dr. notes that doesn’t allow them to do their regular job is pretty normal. After all if you were hired as a cashier and can’t stand on your feet for 8 hours straight because the Dr. said so… then what kind of job should they offer you instead? Stocking the shelves, where you must be able to lift heavy objects? Not every industry can accommodate the restrictions your Dr. puts in writing and if they can’t absolutely make sure that you can do the job safely it is better for you to stay at home.

Your health and the baby’s health is more important and they know that… no reason to think they just want to get rid of you.

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