Mobility Wheelchair

Mobility Wheelchair
How can a wheelchair-bound college student travel Asia with her American friend? Ideas?

Hi! I am a 20-year-old from Asia who has not known the limitlessness of life until I met Tif, an outdoor American girl who brought me on bike rides and donkey rides. I have never travelled without my parents but would like to do so within the next year. Any suggestions?

Several issues include: wheelchair accessibility, accessible bathroom, backpacking tools, light-weight mobility equipments, options for transportation, cost? We have considered Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines… but we don’t know if it is too difficult for us.

Also, what can we do to get sponsors and people to help? We’re thinking of putting together an inspirational program and both of us can speak to inspire the local people. Please suggest!!!

TRAVEL ADVISORY: BOOK; Asia by Wheelchair

Published: September 11, 1994
More than 100 hotels throughout Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand can accommodate wheelchair-bound guests, and Ed Hansen and Bruce Gordon list them all in their new book, “Exotic Destinations for Wheelchair Travelers” (Full Date Limited; $14.95). Mr. Hansen, who began using a wheelchair after an industrial accident, has frequently visited Asia in his wheelchair for 16 years. For each hotel, he offers straightforward information on ramps, steps, shower dimensions, toilet heights, the availability of physicians and other details helpful to wheelchair travelers. To order call (800) 247-6553. TERRY TRUCCO

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