Sign Wheelchair

Sign Wheelchair
Where to buy thought controlled wheelchair?

I’ve recently come into some money, and in the spirit of christmas i’d like to purchase a thought controlled wheelchair ( like Stephen Hawkins type ) for our Neighbours little boy who was hit by menangitis at the age of two. He is paralysed from the neck down and cannot communicate although he shows signs of mental stimulant as he laughs and cartoons etc. His mother, a single mum, would love nothing more than to communicate with her little boy and so I’d like to purchase one for her, Does any one have any ideas on where to get them

check with the doctor who put him in the chair to start for the necessary specs for the chair to be built, then find a local company that can order the chair from the mfgr, what you are looking for is really in the super custom design and application phased programs, strictly one of a kind and the working word will be expensive, but thru various agencies that can be tempered down to a manageable level.. your effort will be justly rewarded in the end, however, keep in mind that anonnimity is a good thing lest you be know as deep pockets and every charity case in the world starts showing up at the door

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