Handicap Wheelchair Van

Handicap Wheelchair Van
Bringing disabled person to cherry blossoms in DC, any tips?

Normally I would take the metro, but this will not be possible. I will need to drive a van into DC and park somewhere where it will be reasonable to unload, park, disabled person. I do not have a handicap permit! I am going to load the wheelchair in my van, it will be a challenge, but this will be her last spring, and I would like her to be able to see something that she can enjoy for once, she is crying a lot and depressed about dying. Advice??????????????

I work down at the Washington Monument and around this time there are a lot of tourist but you can park by the Tidal Basin on 15th and Maine and that is free parking. If you are going on a weekday get there early like 8:00 and weekend like about 7:30

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