Golden Tech

Golden Tech
What breed of dog is like a golden retriever, except completely white and a little larger?

I saw one at the vets office today, but the owner had headphones in and didn’t hear me ask. The vet tech told me that she couldn’t recall the breed name but thought it started with an M. Anyone know what it could have been? It looked pretty similar to a golden retriever, except it was white.
I don’t know for sure that it started with an M. That’s just what she thought, so any that pop in your head not starting with M is ok to add!
Oh, I didn’t want to get one as a pet. I did like the look of it though. It was a Great Pyrenees.
Yeah, I know what a Samoyed looks like. 🙂

Offhand.. Great Pyrenese I know fits that description

starts with an M tho? Hmm gimme a moment to think on that

Maremma Sheepdog

Other breeds..
Kuvasz also fits.

Komondor perhaps.. they are normally kept in a corded coat, but I have seen an uncorded one before

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