Chair Gas Cylinder

Chair Gas Cylinder
Do You Think I Owe My Ex?

I dated a guy for almost 2 years and during that time we ended up moving in together and etc. He had a truck that was bad on gas, and I had 4 cylinder car (which was really good on gas). So I would let him take my car to work since he had to drive farther. I kept EXCELLENT care of his truck, and he didn’t do the same with my car. He would drive through fields and woods and ruined my car. I had to go buy a new car for $600. Later on he offered to buy me a nicer car, and actually did. We broke up about 3 months later and I moved out. He refused to give me any of my stuff (table & chairs, microwave, entertainment center, basically all of the furniture I bought or had given to me) so I refused to keep paying him. He literally stalked for a good year (I had to call the cops on him), but never brought the car up. Now a year later he’s texting me asking when I’ll pay for the car! Should I just pay him the balance or just ignore him?

the best to do is make an equation. Im an actress but i have a passion for the law. you took care of his car, he did not. so he owes you a car. He got you a car. That makes you even now. You break up. He stays with your microwave, table and chairs, entertainment system, and furniture. You dont owe him a dime. He stayed with all your stuff, he stalked you and keeps harrassing you. I advise you get a lwyer and tell the truth so you can get your stuff back or make him pay it in cash. My reccommendation is you make a small claims case and get a truthful story straight. Some tips for doing so are dont cotradict yourself, dont lie, and tell the judge truthful things that may incriminate him. I hate men like that. I wanna just strangle them until they are all gone.

some tips on what not to do.

Dont hire a hitman

dont delete the texts because that can prove for harrassment

dont appear at his house

if there was ever domestic violence or emotional abuse, try to get some witnesses.

dont strangle him. Sorry this is long but i want to help you.

dont soften up. He took your stuff and if it was me, i would start a world war 3. ok not that serious but he would owe me a couple millions and some jail time.

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