24v Power Battery Charger

24v Power Battery Charger
Gps tracking device hard wired to motorcycle?

Hi i am interested in getting a gps tracking device for my motorcycle like the one in the link below
Only down side is the tracking device only stays charged for 48 hours.
It would be pointless if i couldn’t hard wire it to the battery.
Pulling it out every second day two charge it up.
In the listing it says it comes with a Car Accumulator Charger (12-24V input
5V output).
Would i motorcycle have enough power to charge it up and enough power for the blinkers horn
lights etc?
COuld i wire it to my headlights some how so it only comes on with ignition?

Yes – a GPS, even with a tracker and transmitter, takes far less power than say a taillight. It does take a little power, though. So if you were to leave your bike without running it for a while, the battery would lose charge faster with the GPS wired into it than without.

Be absolutely sure to use a fuse in the + lead from the battery. Put it as close to the battery as possible in the + wire.

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