10 Hub Wood

10 Hub Wood
Fancy a Challenge 9 ?

Which 7 of the following 10 anagrams were members of the Magnificent 7 and what are the names of the other 3 – cowboys – listed?

1. wy noah jen
2. vestqu mceven
3. chor lesson bran
4. a chile wall
5. tec wood slant
6. bert groav hun
7. hub torch sholz
8. tar red brex
9. same job curn
10. lyn burn rye


Steve Mcqueen
Charles Bronson
Robert Vaughn
hortz burkholtz
brad dexter
James Colburn
Yul Brenner

the other three are
John Wayne
Clint Eastwood
Eli Wallach was in the movie but was the bad guy

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