Van Handicap Lift

Van Handicap Lift
Is this a bunch a garbage or do these evil people have a legitimate argument?

My friend is currently an 8th grader. I am a 9th grader. My friend wants to attend the high school I’m attending in the 08- 09 school year. However, she lives in the upper part of town and the high school I’m attending is denying her an education there because they say that since she’s not living in an area that’s part of the district, that she can’t get transportation provided by the school, so she can’t attend there. Meanwhile, my school intergrates people that are living in the same part of town she and providing them with transportation, yet they are disorderly(behavior) and she’s one of the nicest people on Earth. She does have a handicap that requires the use of a lift van, but the administration at my school is rude, biased, and they make me scream bloody murder with stuff like this because I’m handicapped myself, and they don’t want me there, so do these people at the school I attend which is a public school, have a legitimate argument, or are they being rude again?

What a nice sounding young lady, your writing is very nice, {nicer than most young ladies} and I think that it would be just great if you and your friend could go to the same school, but life just is not always fair, and if your friend was to come to your school and had to ride the same buss as the others you say are disorderly and I am sure would also the be rude, things just might not work out to well for your friend. I am not saying that this is right, but it just may be the best in the long run. Some times things that are right may not be the best. Good luck to the both of you.

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