Postcard Chair

Postcard Chair
Fundraiser Dinner/Dance Event for Charity–help!?

I am planning a Dinner/Dance event for Children’s Charity and want to make sure that I am doing this right…

I know I need:
Tables/Chairs/Linens, etc.
Silent Auction Items
Raffle Prizes
Double Roll Raffle Tickets
Invitations (Postcard style)

Do you have any ideas for fundraising things other than a 50/50 drawing, raffles, and silent auctions? Should I charge an admission fee covering the cost of the event itself? Help! Thank you.

Well you have the right Idea. Most of the time if you have your event at a banquet hall or resturant that has a hall area they will provide all Tables, chairs, linens and such.

Yes charge admission to cover your costs. But make it cheaper for a couple to come that 2 individuals (i.e. $15 per ticket or $25 per couple.) That way you are more inclined to get more people to come when they know its cheaper to bring a date or friend. Just make sure you get a cost estimate from the place you have the dinner at for “per person.” If you can get enough single people to show up you can always have a bacholer/bacholette auction.

Work with the DJ and have it so that in order to request a song it costs a dollar or two. When looking for prizes go to local businesses and see if they will donate a gift. Many times if it is for charity they will. Try to avoid buying as many gifts as possible to help keep costs down.

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