Medical Mobility Battery

Medical Mobility Battery
What is the best way to charge mobility scooters…(more)?

…for optimal long term performance and to maximize the number of life cycles with gel type batteries?

Do you charge the battery each night – regardless of whether or not it’s drained, or is it better to charge after levels start getting really low?

How long have yours lasted before needing replacement?

As a frequent flyer, I’m aware of the regulations & rules when it comes to batteries, but I’ve never flown with any medical device other than the manual chair. Have you flown on the airlines with your scooter before? If you have, how did it go? Any damage?

Yes, too many questions…

I’m tentatively looking at some of the 3 wheeled indoor/outdoor scooters but haven’t really done my research yet. (I will!) Please & thank you.
Thank you both.
@Melinda: I use a manual chair (no batteries), and am looking into possibly getting a scooter. Sorry for the confusion.

What I have been told, and seems to be true….

In general charge your batteries every time you use them to keep the battery at full charge.

But occasionally – once a month or so – let them run down completely

Mine need replacement about every 2 years, but I get a very long life out of them – more usual is once a year.

I do travel with mine often, and thankfully it has never been damaged. Sometimes they change the settings and I think it doesn’t work, but quickly realize it is fine. (They change it so it wheels & brakes are unlocked so it can be rolled – and that means it cannot move when turned on. I panicked the first time this happened until I realized this is what they typically do.)

I roll my scooter right up to the door of the plane. Sometimes I fold it up and they keep it on the plane in the “closet” – other times it gets stashed away. Seems to depend on a number of factors which they do – how much time before the flight, how full the flight is, is the closet already being used (which it often is.)

You do need to allow extra time to get off the plane if you want it to be at the plane door. I usually have to wait about 5-10 minutes after everyone has deboarded for my scooter to arrive. But you can also have it brought to the gate and wait for your scooter in the waiting area.


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