Lift Hand Control

Lift Hand Control
My hands and Legs shake~?

Ive noticed over the past 10 months that my hands [fingers] and legs shake immensely. I am 15 years old and has asthma, I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. But when I go biking or do some sports my fingers and legs cant control them self and it shakes like crazy. then after 2 hours it doesn’t shake as badly.. right now i could lift my hand and the fingers would shake out of control.. sometimes just standing makes my legs shake. I’m to scared/worried to ask my parents to go see a doctor @@ i don’t know what to do.. =[ or how they would look at this problem. thx

It could be your asthma medication – if you used it a number of times in a couple of hours it would give you a tremor. This is very common.

Sometimes after exercising a lot your muscles can feel tremulous – that’s normal, they are just tired. This is also common especially with weight lifters lifting heavy weights.

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