Battery Charger Wheelchair

Battery Charger Wheelchair
what do u think of these useless inventions?

Useless Inventions

1. Non stick Cellotape

2. Solar Powered Flash Light

3. A black highlighter pen

4. Glow in the dark sunglasses

5. Inflatable Anchor

6. Smooth Sandpaper

7. Waterproof sponge

8. Waterproof Teabags

9. AC adapter for Solar powered calculators

10. Fireproof Matches

11. Fireproof Cigarettes

12. Battery powered Battery Charger

13. Seatbelts for Motorbikes

14. Hand powered Chainsaw

15. Inflatable Dartboard

16. Silent Alarm Clock

17. A Pedal powered wheelchair

18. Braille Drivers Manual

19. Double sided playing cards

20. Ejector seats for Helicopters

1. dont know what that is…
2. in case you need to look under a dark rock during the day?
3.ummmm thats dumb
4.hahahahaha i want some put your dog on it so it doesnt float away
6.this makes wood shiny actually.. i think
7.dry your car maybe?
8.hmmmm that doesnt make any sence at all
9.incase its dark??
10.incase your house burns down and you need to make a fire to keep warm? they dont burn up when your house burns down with the matches? you can charge batterys all day its fun when u get in an accident you can stay on the bike while it skidding down the freeway and so it doesnt throw u off into the ditch
14.ill have to think about that one
15.its a disposable dartboard comes in packs of 50
16.for deaf people?
17. for people that have arm dissabilities and are jelous of people with wheel chairs
18. probably has to due with some law suit
19. gold fish for dummies
20.y not?

Super Trac Stairmate Major Evacuation Chair