Wood Wheelchair

Wood Wheelchair
Help! What do I do to stop my husband from putting himself in a wheelchair?

Idiot is 64 but thinks he’s about 18. Has recently been climbing 20ft ladders to cut down conifers (on neighbours’ demand). We are also attempting to fit an new environmentally friendly wood burning stove. Keeping this short, and sparing you the boring details, he has done his back in but refuses to go to see a doctor. I have found a local osteopath but doubt he’ll go. Even threats about possible wheelchair use seem not to deter him although pain is now starting to influence him. Advice please asap. Thanks.
Thanks for all advice to date. Sorry if any of you have misunderstood my motives. I only want my husband to survive with the best possible future. What I wanted is direct advice to him to TAKE MORE CARE! Osteo today was charming but not that full of absolutely positive suggestions other than “Sit on a chair with a straight back. and thank you for the fee.”

At 64 he should know better than to attempt anything beyond his capability

That said there is no better ego deflater that realising you ARE getting older and can no longer do the same things you did when you were much younger

Now that said I also feel that you should not let age get you. I mean within reasonable parameters you should continue to do as much as you possibly can but maybe a little slower

I’m 55 next year and will continue to ride my Harley hopefully for many years to come and again hopefully well beyond 64. In a couple of years I will ride the Route 66 and not let age stand in my way for as long as possible

If this puts me in a bracket of “silly old duffer” then so be it

Encourage him a bit and help him where you can and you will both enjoy staying young. Don’t get past it before your time and prolong it as long as you possible can

Once you are at the “Pearly Gates” you can’t ask for a second shot. This is your only life and “zooooom” it’s gone in a flash. No rehearsal on this one

Enjoy and good luck even with a little caution

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