Wheelchair Motor

Wheelchair Motor
How to safely test a motor?

I have 2 wheel chair motors (4 pole) that was working before christmas. The wheelchair system used a controller and joystick however the items may have encountered water damage due to where it was stored over break. The seat actuator works through the controller however the motors no longer run. I am guessing that either the controller has failed or maybe the motors. According to the manual the motors have four connections brake positive, brake negative, motor positive, and motor negative. Can I use a car battery to directly connect the motor pos and neg. or will that damage something?

I would use an insulation tester to see if there are any short circuits between the coils.Or you can use a normal multimeter and test the resistance between the coils.if you get an overload reading or a reading that is less than 1 ohm then the coils will be screwed.

You could use a battery to test it,but it must be a battery with the same voltage and the same amp/hour rating,other wise you could burn the coils.

Or you could just ask an electrician friend to test the stuff for you and buy him a beer for his effort.He should be able to do it with little effort.

WheelChair With HONDA 4-Stroke 165cc